The Number 1 XL Pitbull Kennel in Georgia

XL Bully PitbullWelcome to Hardcore Steel Pitbulls!!! We breed and sell the very best XXL Pitbulls and XL also known as XL Bullies. We are a elite Pit Bull kennel located in southeastern Georgia. We are located near cities such as Atlanta, Augusta, Valdosta, Macon, Statesboro, Savannah, Columbus, Albany, Brunswick, Hinesville and Athens. Our Pit Bull kennel and dogs are known to be some of the best in GA, but we are starting to sweep the world as well. We pride ourselves in bringing you the true definition of XXL Pitbulls. We strive in breeding our blue and fawn Pit Bulls for temperament first and foremost but after that comes massive size, gigantic bone, correct structure, big blocky heads, athleticism, and drive. We know our dogs and what they produce and what to expect from each carefully planned breeding. If you have any questions or inquires regarding our Pit Bull puppies, any current breeding, or any planned breeding, please feel free to contact us by phone or using our contact form.

Pitbull Puppies for Sale

pitbull puppiesOn occasion we do have fawn and blue XL Pitbull puppies for sale at Hardcore Steel Pitbulls. If you live in Georgia and you are looking for an XL beast from HSP, please take a look at our Pitbull puppies page to see if we have any available at this time. Additionally, we do ship our Pit puppies worldwide if you are outside of GA and are interested in one of our monster sized XL puppies.

Big Bloodlines & Huge Pitbulls

Here at Hardcore Steel Pitbulls we have taken some top XXL bloodlines to create what we think is the true definition of a XXL Bully. The majority of our bloodlines consist of Iron Cross, Greyline, Ganghis Kon, Ruffian, Watchdog, and De La Cruz. We do seek after size in our pit bulls but the athleticism and drive has to be there also! All of our XXL Bully Pitbulls are very athletic whether they’re 90 pounds or 160 plus pounds. We do not cut any corners with quality! We breed and produce the highest quality XXL Pit Bulls possible. Our mark is well above average! So if your looking for a high quality XXL Pit Bull you have come to the right place!!!

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As you can see in the photo above, our Pitbulls are bred with excellent and stable temperament in mind. We have complete tust in our dogs, and would never breed or produce a dog that we didn’t trust in your home with your children!

Our Pitbulls are Family!

Here at Hardcore Steel Pitbulls all of our dogs are treated like family members because they are! Our Bully Pits are socialized every day whether it’s exercising in the yard or out meeting new people. Here at HSP we have more than 20 years experience combined in breeding. Our dogs are treated with the very best veterinarian care and fed the best food possible. We do ship dogs all over the United States and can ship internationally. Hardcore Steel Pitbulls takes pride in our dogs and love what we do!!!

All of our XXL Pitbulls are excellent with kids and fit for any family! As you can see in the picture how much trust we have in our dogs. The temperaments of our Pits are second to none. As we stated before temperament is the first and foremost characteristic breed for in our blue Pitbulls at Hardcore Steel. It is our job as breeders to change the minds of people that have been taught falsely or think wrong about our breed. So we take it upon ourselves to only breed XL Bully Pitbulls with the very best temperament. That will produce the ultimate family Pitbull fit for any family!

Biggest Pitbulls in the World

Hardcore Steel Pitbulls is home of MOZART THE BEAST OF THE EAST!!! At 18 months old and weighing in at over 160+ lbs with a legit 27.25 inch head. Other breeders only claim to have a dog his size!!! Mozart makes jaws drop every where he goes! No false dreams sold here! We produce puppies that will meet and even exceed your expectations for what a XXL Pit Bull should be. We produce the biggest and the best functional, stable monster sized XL puppies.

XL Champagne Pit bulls

Our beautiful champagne stud Champ. If you want muscle and athleticism he’s got it! You want beauty along with function? Rare colors and stunning colors along with size? This boy is producing exactly that. He is the total package and producing everything you would expect from a stud like Champ. He is one of those XXL Pit Bulls that everyone meets and falls in love with. Its hard not to fall for a boy of this caliber.